List of Unschooling Blogs and Unschooling Podcasts

Also- Here’s a list of Unschoolers on Twitter, thanks to Trish & Arp at Tiny Grass

If you find yourself or someone in the wrong category, let me know. Or make a mental note about how organized the page looks, in spite of its inaccuracy.

Unschooling Blogs by Unschoolers

I’ve Changed my name to Mommy
Swiss Army Wife
Clan of Parents
Fall Down to Fly- Unschooling Life
Circle the world big Sandra Dodd
Another Roadside Attraction

Frank Maier; SingularityInside my Head
Blog of the Zombie Princess

Another Roadside Attraction; Rue Kream author of The Unschooling Unmanual

Unschooling Podcasts

Other blogs for Unschoolers to check out

Unschooling groups on Facebook
Audiodidact for fans of the podcast of Education Empowerment Project. The discussion board on this page is where listeners can ask questions for upcoming shows.
Radical Unschooling(formerly called Radical Unschooling with Law of Attraction by Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun
Homeschool: Gone Child by the Hallordson Family who also has a webshow, details on their site.
Unschooling which is a huge group effort. This group has a “Quit your School” Myspace page, too.

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One thought on “List of Unschooling Blogs and Unschooling Podcasts

  1. I don’t know how old this post is, but now there is The Unschooling Life podcast (which seems to have a limited # of epis, but they’re good ones) at, and, where Sue Elvis blogs and podcasts. Although it looks like she’s slowed way down on putting out pocasts, she has 85 epis at this moment.

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