Learning from TV and Videos

In Dayna Martin’s “Don’t Kill your TV” she makes an excellent case for TV’s benign existence, as a tool rather than a menace:

This window into possibility and potential is an such an amazing tool in our lives and one that I can’t imagine living without.

There is a lot of anger surrounding television in the naturally minded community. Articles about “killing your TV” are everywhere and they are so steeped in a fear and misinformation. This same type of witch-hunting, angry mindset was present before the invention of TV with radio and before that comic books. TV has only been popular in homes since the 1950′s! It is such a new invention historically and the way that many people react to it is common when something “new” comes on the scene.

When used as a tool for expansion, joy, pleasure and growth, television is as valid and enriching as any book out there! Even more so! I owe so much in my life through being introduced to it through TV.

Sandra Dodd recommends allowing children access to TV and videos, too. For example, she says:

Song lyrics are meant to be sung, recipes are made to be cooked, and Shakespeare is made to be performed and watched. Reading Shakespeare from a book is an American school tradition, but it makes less sense than reading recipes you never intend to cook or taste.

Sandra’s TV page has a lot of responses from unschooling moms about their children’s TV usage, as well as some excellent quotes. My favorite, I think is

“There’s so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?” Dick Cavett

Also, check out her article titled Movies as tools and portals, which describes some of the many ways movies can facilitate learning and personal development.

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