Documentaries about Unschooling to Watch Online

A member of a group I’m in recently asked:

Are there any Unschooling related documentaries I can watch on netflix?


There seemed to be a lot of interest in this topic, and a lot of great input from readers. Here’s what I have been able to extract:

Voices from the New American Schoolhouse by Danny Mydlock. It’s not specifically about unschooling or homeschooling, it’s about Sudbury Schools and the kids themselves get to speak their mind

Another member recommends A Touch of Greatness; it is about the life and contributions of Albert Callum- a teacher in the 1960′s who basically did unschooling in public school. It’s currently available on Netflix DVD, but isn’t streaming on Netflix, however, it is on Youtube. A Touch of Greatness on Youtube

Youtube has a bunch of videos of John Taylor Gatto speaking. Says one member: “He’s not unschooling per se but highly critical of schooling and pro democratic education”

Being and Becoming is a new film, it’s not really viewable online in fact it’s debuting in Paris this month.  Still, it’s about unschooling and looks interesting.

I’m watching the thread and can’t wait to see what other goodies are uncovered.  I have Amazon Prime, so I could check there or I could just watch to see what else gets posted.  For now, I’m just watching.

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