Are you that parent?

Are you the one who breaks the conventional parenting wisdom and just lets your kids be kids?  You’re in good company.  When Flo Gascon confessed that she’s the mom who let her kids eat ice cream for breakfast, unschoolers from all over the world fought over who got the “That mom” title.  Soon, I imagine someone will pen a graphic for the event. In the meantime, you be the judge:

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Danielle at Organic learning

In addition to dying her hair green, Daniella says: “I’m that mom who always takes my children seriously as the fully-formed people they are and encourages exploration of their own life paths even when they differ from my own. I’m that mom who always views my children with eyes of amazement and wonder at the people they are and the people they are becoming.”

Heather at swiss Army Wife

Heather says I am that mom who “stays home, everyday with my children, never wishing they were in school or at daycare. I am more grateful for our relationships than I am of anything else in my entire life. I never wish my life was different.  Ever.  I’m not perfect.  Nothing is perfect, but that’s what makes it *my* perfection.  My life just is.”

Sarah at The Napping House

Sarah says “I’m that mom whose kids use … um … grownup words. That they may have learned from me. And I may sometimes be proud of them for using them in context. Maybe.  I’m that mom who annoys you by saying ‘yes’ to almost everything and rearranging her schedule as much as possible to suit her children’s wants – because I happen to think they’re as important as mine.”

Amy at Heart Rockin’ Family

“I am the mom Who didn’t breastfeed. Who circumcised her son. Who thought the “experts” knew best. I am the mom Who judged other moms. Thankfully, though, I am also the Mom Who has found value in TV, as well as every other thing that interests my kids. Who values authenticity over obedience. (What are they? dogs?) Who found punishment to be damaging and counter productive to the lives I want for my children, as well as our relationship.”

Kathy at Essentially Unschooling

I’m the mom who “discovers that her child has discovered game walkthroughs on Youtube and thinks it’s grand?! Who keeps games in mind that her son wants to buy for birthdays, holiday gifts and just because?”

Marcia at Child in Harmony

“I am that mom that believe in my children and their choices and their happiness. I believe that animals and people belong together and caring for other living beings teaches us alot about our own selves. ”

Dina from And we Play All Day

“I’m that mom that loves spending her days with an almost four-year old.  The one who doesn’t mind holding his hand while he walks down or up steps because he’s sometimes unsure of himself.  The one who will put on his shoes even though some might say he’s old enough to do it himself.  The mom who will carry him when he feels scared.  One who will gladly leave any place, be it supermarket, park or someone’s home when he’s uncomfortable and sounds upset him.”

Laura at Wistful Wanderlust

“I am that mom who believes nothing – NOTHING – is more important than this family. Who’d live in a cardboard box before she gave up a minute of these growing-up years.”

Heather from the Adventures of Raising Butterflies and Dinosaurs

Has an excellent photo entry, check out her adorable pictures, especially the image that’s captioned “[I'm that mom] that said YES to jumping in the mud with a PRETTY dress on”

Lisa from Mrs Hannigan’s Home for Girls

Another photo entry, she says “I’m the mom that lets her kids play with fire. That’s right, the kids like to light birthday candles and hold them until they burn down. They drip hot wax on the table and their skin and peel it off and mold it into other shapes and play chicken to see who can let it burn down farthest. Why not?”

Krishnna Leela

I am that Mom who stands with her kids no matter whatever trouble they are in. I am that Mom who will see through it silently when her kids behave in the most unexpected way and every body else expect her to do something. [snip]  The responsibility of my motherhood had become a menace to me , my kids and their father .Then one fine day I decided to change myself . To stop and see the beauty and happiness this world can give us . To enjoy every moment of my life along with my.”

Mary at Zenmomma’s Garden

“I’m the one who thinks it’s not just okay, but perfectly right if her 21 year old son doesn’t have it all figured out yet. I don’t need him to be doing what anyone else is doing at 21. Because he isn’t any other 21 year old. He is and has always been himself.”

Ronnie at the Blog of the Zombie Princess

“I’m that mom who drives 500 miles because her kids want to see their friends, because her kids don’t feel like riding the train again, because her kids want to go now instead of in a couple of weeks when the trip could be combined with another trip. I’m that mom who knows it’s a frivolous, indulgent, even “stupid” thing to do but does it anyway”

Laura at Center Down Home

“I’m that mom who doesn’t have an eye on the “outcome”, the result, the payoff. My kids want to join a writing group, take guitar lessons, buy a book they’re interested in? I don’t feel the need to justify the time spent as “good for them”. If they enjoy what they’re doing while they’re doing it, that is enough for me”

PS Bohemian, in Tacoma

“I’m that mom… you know, the one who talks to kids and actually wants to hear what they have to say and thinks the imaginations of young ones is often so outstandishly wonderful it makes her almost want to cry at the beauty of it”

Michele at Natural Attachment

Relays an amusing incident whereby her 5 yr old got the better of a roll of adding machine paper, and it’s OK…

Steph at Say it Again, Sammie

Has a photo entry of her beautiful family

Elemental Mom (who apparently lives on a boat)

Says her boat is “the one where there’s food and you can even have some, between meals. We’re the boat with the computer playing Dora and Scooby-Doo and Batman and no one even is annoyed that they’re not “educational”. We’re the boat with the DS games. We’re the boat where the answer is yes.’

Jeff from Just a Bald Man

“I am that Dad who goes swimming when he is tired, because he knows that he’ll get more energy as soon as he hears his children’s laughter. I am that Dad who makes a hot dog smothered with bacon and pepperoni at 2:00am, because it’s what sounds good to his child right now.”

Caren at Open hearted Life

“I’m that mom who is my children’s friend. Why? Because being their friend means I take their needs – and their wants! – seriously; I listen to them when they speak; if they seem out of sorts, I help them figure out what’s wrong rather than blaming their feelings on moodiness or selfishness; I ask for their help but don’t have expectations that they’ll give it; I don’t interrupt them – or I look for an appropriate time to – when they’re busy doing something important to them.”

Lisa at Perpetual Joy

“I am that Mom, the one who stands with her feet rooted to the ground- often silent, sometimes quiet, (occasionally not) – while her daughter comes at her with fists flailing, legs kicking, words blaring and temper flying.”

Brandi at the Jones Family Zoo

“I’m that mom that gets just as excited as my son when a cool new game is coming out, and pre-orders games months in advance while anxiously awaiting for there arrival with Joshua.  I’m that mom that is fascinated by life all around me and loves to collect bugs and watch animals with my kids.”

Miranda at Fall Down to Fly

“I’m that Mom who knows that childhood is short and too precious to hurry, life is too short to waste, that making memories is what it is really all about. And that one day too soon these amazing little people I have been entrusted with will grow up and fly the nest so I should treasure every moment I have with them.”

Tiffany at Free Play Life

She’s the mom who thinks that “Kids are capable enough and smart enough to grow themselves up just the way they want to be. But they can’t do it easily without the support that comes from a special parental blend of love, acceptance, and joy. Take time to play, grow a bond that will last long after any words from a lecture will. Even if that means you are covered in chocolate by the end of the night. Carpe diem, right, especially when it involves play!”

Clint at Perspectives of Joy and Passion

“I am “that dad” who thinks spare the rod/spoil the child was a child rearing philosophy created by a d******* f*** so insecure about his own place in the world, he felt it necessary to bully a person for whom he was supposed to provide protection.”

Maria at Catching a Cloud

“I’m that Mom who takes my 4 year old son to the apartment pool and lets him have at it while quietly reading and not yelling “don’t…” or “you can’t swim in the 5 feet deep section” or “if you…again, I’ll…” but instead helping him…”

Shannon at The Unfettered Life

“Yup, I am THAT Mom. You know the one. The one whose kids are always a little rumpled and scuffed looking. The one who isn’t so very sheveled herself.”

Grab your hankies for this one:

Bonnie from Follow that Dream

An autodidact who lost her mom in 2009, writes “She was that mom.”  I can’t even choose a sentence to pull for a quote, except from the comments, where Ronnie says “She was THAT mom and I’ll bet she knew you were THAT daughter. What a beautiful tribute.”  I urge you to read this, what a legacy.

Kimberly at Peaceful Unscoolers

“I am the Mom who lets her children color their hair, pierce their nose and drives to the store at 3am for another color of nail polish. I am the Mom who watches South Park episodes one after the other with her kids…. while laughing hysterically.”

Flo from Sumbthuckers (the one who’s co-responsible for this entire phenomena) created a do-over post, probably surprised by all the hoopla over her original confession. I mean, it’s no surprise that if she lets her kids eat ice cream for breakfast, she probably has other confessions too, right?  For example… “I’m that mom who didn’t buy it. Child-rearing is for following the inner truths of the child right in front of me not the advice of educated strangers or even well-meaning family and friends. I’m that mom  who didn’t reliquish her child to the care of the church or the state. I bore her and I will preserve her every freedom by opening the door to her life not closing her off behind one of regulation, institution or belief, no matter how sacred or patriotic.”

If you’re enjoying these and want to read more entries, check out Ronnie’s collection of “I’m that mom (or dad) links”

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