About TOU

Th Organized Unschooler is a comprehensive website on all things “parenting and education” related, but radical Unschooling mom and writer, Lisa Russell.

Visitors who are interested in unschooling may also be interested in

  • Peaceful parenting, nonviolent discipline, authentic parenting, attachment parenting, consensual relationships, non coercive communication
  • Homeschooling, audidactic learning, life learning, online learning, books, videos, television, self-design
  • traveling, field trips, RV living, roadschooling
  • Holistic living, sustainable agriculture, alternative energy, going “off the grid”
  • Liberal politics and religion, anarchy, atheism, universal unitarianism, paganism, Independence
  • Personal responsibility, natural medicine, raw foods, vegetarianism, organic foods, gardening

Readers of this website are probably not interested in

  • homeschool curriculum
  • making learning fun
  • discipline programs or boot camps
  • church doctrine or other religious propaganda
  • increasing school funding
  • prolonging wars on terrorism or drugs
  • infant formula
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