What’s to learn from Halloween?

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, I absolutely love dressing up. I have, ever since I was a child. I love thinking of extraordinary costumes, and seeing what costumes my friends have come up with. I know that everyone doesn’t find Halloween joyful, and that saddens me, a little. I think it’s their loss. I find it amusing when people make religious ties to Halloween. I just don’t see how any of that is logical, there’s no proof of any of it, it completely defies logic and science. I think if these people would just relax and wear a silly hat, they might feel so much better. All that fear and hatred must be quite a heavy burden, why would anyone choose that? Here are a few things I think that kids can be learning from Halloween, although I’m sure my list is skewed, limited by my imagination. There’s always more to learn.

1- dressing up is fun
2- I can dress up and feel like someone else
3- I can dress up and other people will pretend WITH me
4- I can sew
5- I can make a costume
6- store-bought costumes tend to all look the same
7- Historic and vintage clothing makes a great costume
8- I can learn about history while researching my costume
9- Too much candy really does give me a belly ache
10 – If I celebrate Oktoberfest, I can dress up twice
11- On some fabrics, hot glue works as well as sewing
12- Sexy costumes are too cold to trick-or-treat in
13- blood-and-guts costumes don’t often bring joy to little children
14- I need to walk more often, especially after eating all this candy
15- Maternity costumes for pregnant bellies can really be cute

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