Uncle Eric Books for Teaching Financial Literacy

The Uncle Eric books are praised for teaching financial literacy. As an unschooling mom, I know that my financial knowledge leaves a lot to be desired, so instead of waiting until my kids are old enough and then forcing them to read these books, I am working through them myself. The workbooks, I am finding, present thoughtful questions that are worthy of consideration, but I’m not actually writing the answers. In the past, I may have felt that I was cheating, but that’s not really the case. The idea that we must write the answers is laughable now.

I find it distracting that the books are written as a set of letters to Chris, apparently the author’s nephew. He addresses Chris by name far too often, who would ever do that in a letter? “Chris, do you think that sounds natural, Chris?”

Anyway, I’m starting with “Personal, Career and Financial Security” because there’s a list int he books that says it’s first and I’m a sucker for that. I want to completely understand the world of economics and finances and how it’s impacted by politics. I heard that these books present politics in a way that helps you understand the perspective of each party without bias. We’ll see. So far the examples in the book, being sports-related and sailing-related, aren’t visuals I can picture, but that’s OK because I don’t really need visuals. We’ll see. I will add more about this subject as I read more.
Suite101.com: Financial planning for teens

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